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Birthdate:Sep 10
Location:Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America
[14:58] baronalejandro: hidley-ho neighborino!
[14:59] vulpicula: the day I believe you as Ned Flanders, the Buddha will walk into an ice cream shop in Albequerque and ask for fudge ripple

[01:01] VashtiLoren: You wear souls around your neck the way Kali wears skulls

History has repeatedly shown that men in kilts routinely kick the crap out of the trousered.


"I want MAXIMUM strength. Find out what will kill me, and back it off a little." - Anon

"A gentleman WILL NOT insult me, and no man not a gentleman CAN insult me." - Frederick Douglass


"The body is inherently lazy, seeking food, drink and rest. The mind is a liar which will try to tell you that you are doing well enough, just because you're trying." - Sir Mordreth


"I'm sensitive, but I kick @$$." - Anon


"I should explain to your Lordship what is meant by Crackers; a name they have got from being great boasters; they are a lawless set of rascalls on the frontiers of Virginia, Maryland, the Carolinas, and Georgia, who often change their places of abode." - A letter written to the Earl of Dartmouth in 1760


"Only a biker knows why a dog sticks his head out of a car window." - Anon


"The self is not ready made, but something in continuous formation through choice of action." - John Dewey


"Live life like you stole it!" - Anon

Interests (21):

acting alone, analyzing new problems, balancing accounts, building walls, butchering hogs, changing diapers, comforting the dying, conning ships, cooking tasty meals, cooperating, designing buildings, dying gallantly, fighting efficiently, giving orders, pitching manure, planning invasions, programming computers, setting bones, solving equations, taking orders, writing sonnets
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